Welcome to Bipolar- the never ending tea party!

What will you find here?

This is a place to connect with others and to challenge stigma and misinformation about mental health issues, particularly bipolar.

You’ll find my posts are categorised:

LIVED EXPERIENCES: My stories, feelings and ideas about living with Bipolar II Disorder

RELATIONSHIPS: My musings on navigating and experiencing relationships with bipolar

SCIENCE: I review scientific research about bipolar and explain it in plain English

WELLBEING: I present ideas for self-care and management of bipolar symptoms

Why “the never ending tea party”?

Like many others, Alice in Wonderland resonates with me and my experience of bipolar. For me, the never ending tea party scene is a metaphor for the chaos, nonsense, confusion, fun, silliness, excitement, colour and energy that bipolar brings me. And as a lifelong condition, it is never ending. It makes perfect sense to the party’s attendees, but from those looking on, nothing about the party makes sense. A familiar notion…

Why do I use the words Crazy and Mad if I’m trying to reduce stigma?

I like to maintain a sense of humour. I have bipolar and I am comfortable with these terms. For me, “crazy” and “mad” are shorthand ways for me to communicate with my loved ones, and to laugh in good humour when my “madness” makes me do and say silly things.